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This thing is slick and feels nice while the display is clear and bright with its backlit LCD screen. Normally, we host poker tournaments at different homes, so I enjoy knowing I can pack this inside my chip case and forget about it, instead of carrying it around as extra luggage. Also, I’ll have no need to find an outlet to plug it into, which is a big plus for me… especially in the summer when we play outside at the patio. Compactness and being battery-operated are the main reasons I went with this over the Genie.
All of the detailed reviews I read in this forum convinced me to buy this timer. I put it through the ringer today making sure all of the features worked and was very happy with the results. I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a solid poker timer and it’s really a must-have if you’re looking for a portable timer.
-A player review from Xaveth on the homepokertourney.com player forums. To see the whole review click here

What is a Portable Tournament Director (PTD)? It is a timer used not only to keep track of the time in each level of a poker tournament, such as the dealer button, but just as important, it keeps track of the structure of the tournament telling you what the big and the small blinds are, when the breaks are, and ideally how much money is in the pot and how to pay out at the end of the tournament. Additionally, it has to be portable. There are a number of non-portable tournament director solutions including some software that runs on laptops and the only other stand alone tournament directors, the Poker Genie and the Visage 300XT, both of which need to be plugged into a wall.

The Poker Ace PTD is the only portable tournament director on the market. It is small enough to fit in a chipcase.

It runs on 2 ‘AA’ batteries so you can put it on the table or a nearby shelf or play on the patio in the summer or at the lake, or camping, or anywhere you can think of.

The timer comes with 8 preprogrammed structures and 2 customizable ones. Set the Big Blind, Small Blind, Ante, time per level, number of levels, breaks, rebuys, add-ons, and prize payouts. The Pokerace has large numbers and a backlit screen, which allows it to be viewed from a large distance.

If you are using an egg timer or other clock that needs to be reset continuously, do yourself a favour and get a tournament director. Tournament directors are as important to a poker tournament as chips. You could play with change from your piggy bank if you didn’t have chips, and you can play with the clock on your microwave oven, but why would you?

If you always play in the same room and you have no intention of playing anywhere else, then you don’t need a portable timer, and a computer perched nearby your poker table would be ideal. Additionally, nothing looks more like the real thing (WPT or WSOP) than combining the computer with a projector and projecting the blinds and times on a wall.

If you are likely to move your tournament around from house to house or use it with different people at different times, then the Poker Ace PTD is the only tournament director for you.

Review from homepokertourney.com April 2007:

I really like the Poker Ace and find it to be a smaller but portable version of The Poker Genie. It is much smaller than The Poker Genie and runs on battery power rather than electrical power. This means that it is easier to place the Poker Ace wherever you desire, rather than being limited to an area close to an electrical power outlet. It is much easier to transport and carry the Poker Ace, and it might even fit into your poker chip case.
The Poker Ace does an excellent job of helping to organize your poker tournaments. It can be started with the press of a few buttons and will accommodate your own customized blinds schedules. It is small and portable

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